Our Commitment

We take commitment seriously

We truly play a partnership role in your business. Partnerships are long-term relationships; where commitment and trust are the keys to success. We take this commitment seriously. We adopt a Business Mentoring approach, whereby we offer you value added services, in addition to normal accounting and taxation advice for your exacting business goals.

Our focussed commitment to our clients is steadfast:


Flexible – we understand that in this business a flexible approach is mandatory. Each client has different needs and as such we look to provide a customised and flexible service that will evolve along our journey with you.


Objectives are set for each client through initial and ongoing consultations. These clearly defined objectives are actioned, regularly reviewed and when completed, are communicated back to you on or before a nominated timeframe. For accounts and tax work, we will endeavour to complete this work within a 6 week period, commencing from receipt of all necessary information.


Communication is not just a word to Rubiix. Our daily routine ensures that we will regularly consult with and understand your requirements. We will:

Provide estimates of fees in advance of commencing work and communicate any developments which may result in an increase or decrease to the original fee estimate.

Communicate through your desired method of contact as frequently as is required, to ensure we deliver service beyond your expectations. We will return telephone calls within 24 hours during normal business hours.


We will Update you with relevant financial information, including the latest business practices and we will provide recommendations for possible improvements for each year’s accounts.


Service encompasses all that we offer to our clients – from our extensive financial experience across a broad range of industries, through to innovations, new technical methodologies, and complete customer partnership. Basically, we will offer the highest standard of advice and expertise at all times. We will not take short cuts, nor lower our standards, for the sake of price.

business accountantsRubiix Business Accountants: We minimise your tax to maximise your profit

Contact Rubiix and ask about our various business accounting services that will maximise your business’s profit! Our vibrant, proactive and an energetic team can talk you through all aspects of your business accounting needs.