Why use a Chartered Accountant?

Good question! Chartered Accountants are accounting professionals who have completed the Chartered Accountants Program mandated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA).

This challenging program includes a study component (GradDipCA) plus a minimum of three years of practical experience whilst mentored by a Chartered Accountant. Following this, Chartered Accountants are admitted as members to the ICAA who play a pivotal role in upholding the financial integrity of our society, and who represent more than 72,000 current and future professionals and business leaders.

Rubiix Chartered Accountants and benefits to our clients

Rubiix is a Chartered Accountant firm in Melbourne with the ability to offer the highest level of expertise needed by all types of businesses. The Directors of Rubiix, Mark Debeljak (FCA) and Stuart Coulthard (CA), are both qualified Chartered Accountants and active members of the ICAA. Together, they offer a steadfast commitment to providing a comprehensive service to you, the client, through:

Corporate BusinessKnowledge & Experience Up-to-date and extensive breadth of corporate and business financial knowledge and experience (with well over 10 years of experience each)
Advanced Thinking & Skills Exceptional analytical thinking, problem solving and technical skills
High Accountability Highest level of accountability and adherence to code of ethics and professional standards
Continuous Development Continuous professional development –   undertaking mandatory ongoing professional development training


By selecting a Chartered Accountant you will be guaranteed that any complex tax and accounting requirements will be taken care of with the highest quality assurance and standards in Australia.

It pays to hire a Chartered Accountant – so make a smart investment for your business today.

Quite simply, when you need the best, look no further than Rubiix Business Accountants!